Artis Schouldis
   Born   22/5/10255 LST
   Faction:   The Martian Confederation
   Unit:   Reclamation Core
   Rank:   Head Technician
   Tier:   Technology
   Class:   Technician

Artis Schouldis was a 4th generator martian that developed an incredible aptitude of programming at a young age. His linguistic development was stunted from an early age, leaving him nearly mute, but his ability to think nearly completly in mathematics and programming languages allowed him to excel in those areas of study. His father died early during the first attack of the Extemos, leaving his mother alone during the aftermath of the attack. He was not given any formal schooling until after the economy of Mars had recovered from the attack. When he finally did reach school, his apititude for programming was undeniable and his skills were far above any of the technicians that volunteered to teach at the education center. Despite his youth, the administrators of the fledgling school believed him to be more the skilled enough to participate in the newly commisioned reclamation operation. He was trained in advanced programming until he reached the point where he was able to participate in the final construction phase of the Reclaimer. His mother, the only family he had remaining on Mars, passed away due to cancer while the ship prepared to launch, leaving him with very few ties to his home planet. He joined the crew willingly and began his support operations for Illiad and Boisen.

Artis aided Boisen while on Earth, acting as the second engineer. He developed programs and maintained the computure infastructure aboard the , supporting the weapons and civil engineering systems as CO Illiad spread the influence of the Confederacy around the city of Mendalgovi. After the Battle of Mendalgovi and the death of Boisen, he would assume the role of Head Technician and begin instating a revolution in information technology on Earth while supporting the Global Crusades.