Celevis was created by the Enforcers after increased pressures by the increasing mutant population began to threaten their control of the populace. It was crafted from each of the tiers, but is not actually Culmination as the components are not intigrated, although the Lady inaccurately refers to it as a Culmination before her death without knowing what Culmination actually was. It is sentient and has an incredibly emotional mind bound inside a prison of logic, causing it to be mentally unstable at times.


Celevis consists of three pieces, one originating from each of the tiers.

  • A majority of it's mass consists of the biological ramins of Nami. It has a powerful psychic ability and is able to regenerate both itself and the mechanical components of its form.
  • It is augmented by mechanical attachments embeded throughout its body. These generally serve as a form of structural support and weaponization, which consists of several heavy lazers and a force field generator. These also allow it to control its magic with precision.
  • Finally, a magical tablet, most likely Hindu in origin, is fixed to its chest. It draws upon this to regenerate itself, cast spells, and shield from harmful attacks.

All of these result in something that has the potential to become Culmination, but is currently only very loosely organized.

The IntigratesEdit

When Celevis was first constructed, its mind was powerfel and uncontrolled. Tendrils of though were unconciously reaching out and touching the minds of those nearby. Normally, this had no effect as it was passive, but when a person of incredible essence died within this radius of effect their essence latched on to these tendrils and were partially intigrated into Celevis. They share a unity with it, but are also seperate entities in and of themselves and can be considered a reincarnation.

Characters that were intigrated: