Early LifeEdit

Right before the end of Earth, Dagon's parents bestowed to him all the information to rebuild everything and restore Humanity to it's rightfull place in the solar system. He was born on Mars, his parents both died five years later in the fighting against the alien fleet, but before they departed, they bestowed their greatest creation on him, the nanites. Hydron, Dagon's uncle, had to take command of the Mars colony in order to save it and was entrusted with dagon before he left. Hydron took a liking to his nephew and decided to use him to the fullest. Dagon was given the best education that was available, and was used, along with his 6 man team to find supplies so that he could create the Impetus, but eventually Hydron found out Dagon's hidden technology. Nanobots, the most sophisticated of their kind, nearly mimiking regular cells, but made from metals, they could increase his strength and durability.

Before Legion Mobilization to EarthEdit

Hydron's resources began to run thin, Metal, Plastics, Air, all needed to be shipped from Earth to keep the colony running. He assembled his best scouts to make contact with the remains of the governments of Earth and sent them out, Dagon was to lead the expedition, his subordinates only known as the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6, would spread out and make contact with as many governments as possible.

After Legion Mobilization of Earth.Edit

Instabilities in Dagon's pyche are revealed as he encounters the material known as N. Much of the coding on some of his nanobots are corrupted after his posession of the N and his metalic sheen becomes darker spreading out from his eyes. In his withdrawl from the presence of the N he contacts his uncle to tell him that he had found IT. What it really was was a civilization with a power source able to power the machinery to build a battle fleet and the wilingness to help them, but Dagon lied to try to take control of Illiad and control the N for himself.

Shortly after a failed assault on the Dark Culmination the corruption in his nanobot code was lifted when his body had finally retaliated against the infection and suceeded in removing it only to a few days later have an incomming signal from Hydron alter Dagon's nanobot code compleatly and begin Dagon's final change. When it is complete Dagon is delerious and sees his comrades as aliens and Illiad as a traitor. After being shot by Illiad Dagon runs into the forest where he returns to the jumper, fixing it up, and plans his final ascent to power.

Traits and personalityEdit

Before the transmission Dagon is tall with dusk skin, around 6 ft tall and has black hair with grey eyes.

After the transmission Dagon has long staight metal hair, reflective metal eyes, dark grey skin, exhales a small ammount of smoke, and has metal claws growing out of his fingers.