What is E.P.I.C?Edit

E.P.I.C. is a rule system and a story setting similar to Dungeons and Dragons or Warhammer 40k. It has its own history and its own laws that govern the interactions of players and factions. It is designed to be a unification of fiction, folllowing a logical process to unite different aspects from various universes into a cohesive whole. It is NOT a method to figure out if one fiction is better then another.

What is the E.P.I.C storyline?Edit

The E.P.I.C. storyline consists mainly of the Legion's defence of sentient life from the ravenges of the Extemos. There are, however, endless possibilities for side stories and back stories as the Legion must deal with indipendent states, rebellion, internal corruption, and the various other problems of operating a galaxy-spanning government system.

Beyond this, there are quite a lot of places, events, and people completly outside Legion control that can be used to tell a story. While the Legion is and probabily will remain the focus of E.P.I.C., it is certainly not the only domain in this universe.

What can I contribute?Edit

You can contribute almost anything you want! The storyline potential of this universe practically untouched and we have nearly 10k years L.S.T. (thats 14.2k Earth years) to fill. Just make sure it does not conflict with someone elses canon, and if it does occur, be big enough to work it out with them, it will end up better in the end (trust me!) if you accept their ideas and find a way for them to work with your own. So, go ahead and add some stuff, but keep in mind the tenets of the E.P.I.C. System and don't break storyline.