The Extemos is a single being created by a higher being long before any records dictate. It exists in its three forms, V, I, and N, and is based in an alternate dimension that is unpiercable by current technology standards.


THe simpleist of the three base elements of the Extemos, V acts like a metal. Used as the "body" for most of the Extemos, it can be crafted to do various things. While no known technique can be used to alter its special properties, the I can manipulate it to do practically anything within the bounds of physics. Things such as lazers, thrusters, shield generators, and all manner of intigrated devices have been recorded being generated from V. It can be made incredibly hard, like armor, or incredibly soft and flexible, similar to a rope. It is believed by Legion scientist that V is somehow related to, and the inverse of, Culmination.

It is made up definate particles that respond to electromagnetic radiation in a way similar to magnets. Running a high voltage current, or causing one to be generated on, any V surface will cause the particles to lock together in a kind of north-south position that makes it particularly difficult for it to be manipulated in any way by I.


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