The Gods were the original beings that emerged from the beginning of the universe and are responsible for all forms of life. They are sentient forces that are mostly detached from the universe in which we live. They exist on the other side of a barrier that appears to be incredibly difficult to cross. The only known operations that pierce this barrier are the creation efforts of the gods themselves and the attacks by the Extemos upon the gods. Gods are not to be confused with Deities, which are sentient forces which are bound within our universe.

At the creation of the universe there were an untold number of gods, but they quickly began to consume each other. By the timeframe in which the Legion operates, there were only a couple hundred detected ones left active, the other ones having either fled this existance or had been consumed by the Extemos.

The personalities of each vary wildly between entities and between timeframes. The gods are very temperamental, with only a few appearing to maintain a consistent interface with mortals. There might even be far fewer gods then believe due to mistaken identities due to the traits. Several gods do continue to interact with the mortal realm, but most of them are simply unknowable, their illogical behavior rendering them inperceptable to the beings of our universe.

The Watchmaker is an entity who used to be a god, but managed to cross the barrier completly into our realm. He simply refuses to divulge how he did this, despite perssure from various factions within the Legion.