Born   67/2/10250 LST
   Faction:   The Martian Confederacy
   Unit:   Reclamation Core
   Tier:   Technology

This is a history of Kilf, which will be updated and refined as I go along.

His buisiness historyEdit

Kilf was raised in the lands controlled by the army of the north. He excelled at both science and math, and due to his increased intelligence was forced to join the military. He became a physist for the army and helped design several weapons and armors. He was the man who developed the naplam-esc substances within the specialized rounds for the AA-12, and worked on trying to replicate genes of certain individuals. He also designed a time shifting device, which slows time in a gradient effect around the user, while leaving the user untouched. He had many troubles making this device, and left one night close to it's completion when he had just a few more bugs to work on, and came back to it the next morning to find it mysteriously working.

The army then decided to try and force him to make another such device, but he was unable to, and knowing they would kill him he fled. with the device.

Love historyEdit

Not long after joining the Army of the North, he found a woman named Kairk. He and Kairk had fallen in love rapidly, partially due to their closeness during the manipulation phase of Kairk' specialized genes. While the replication for her invisibility was a failure, he had found someone he loved. Unfortunatley, they could never have children as Kairk's genetic mutation left her infertile.