Faction:   The Martian Confederacy

| origin = Samantha is part of the team that arrived at Earth with Dagon. She has problems relating with people and her primary way of eliminating a problem is killing it. When she comes across something the cannot kill, it leaves her deeply unnerved. | exposition = Before the invasion of the Legion to Earth, Samantha was trained on Mars with Dagon and then sent off to, somewhere, never really did much while the others tried to find a suitable civilization to call the Legion to. She really just laid back once she was alone, but once she met Darryl she began to look for Dagon. Eventually she was reunited with Dagon where she broke his finger and a few ribs for him making her work.

After invasionEdit

Once the Legion invaded 6 tried to reintegrate with the group but still didn't accomplish much. Even after Dagon went insane twice she really didnt do much, but now she is on a warpath with Athen and the others, fighing zombies. When she realized Ha'el was immortal, she was terribly frustrated that her primary way of dealing with problems was circumvented. She still however attempts to kill him. She also has adopted a pet bunny as a means of having something to fight for.