Taras Vitalik is a mutant wolf-like individual, who hails from what was once Russia. His life was devoted to creating new weapons and tools of warfare for the Army of the North before he managed to escape his captors.


Taras could be described as an anthro-wolf. He has the overall appearance (tail, fur, snout, ears, nose, teeth, feet) of a black wolf, however has the ability to stand upright with good posture, speak clearly (with a bit of a Russian accent), wear clothes fitted to his needs, and have considerable dexterity in his hands. He has very vivid blue eyes, like the color of glacial ice.


Taras is from a cold region of the world, so he has somewhat of a tolerance for frosty temperatures many people find uncomfortable or harmful. His wolf-like muscle displacement gives him considerable endurance, and allows him to move quite fast when the need arises. His eyes adjust to darkness just as well as daylight, which gives him added mobility at night. His build is deceptively lean and compact. The mutation of his body has given him some resistance to telepathic energy such as memory alteration, thought scanning, and direction of will.


Taras is an engineer above all else. He excels at building and modiying weapons and vehicles to make them more destructive or more efficient. This skill is also his main defense, along with a knowledge of the weak points of whatever he creates or modifies. A bit of a pyro, he has an affection for explosives as well. Taras learns and adapts very quickly. He has to, because often, to not do so means death.

Original Character sheetEdit

Name - Taras Anton Vitalik age - Early twenties sex - Male Born - on earth, in the far north. Conscripted and changed to suit the needs of the military there. Skill set - I suppose mostly in technology, but a bit in biology for obvious reasons. Passive ability - High endurance, resistance to some telepathic energy. Active Ability - somewhat higher strength and stealth due to mutation and biological engineering. Mostly relies on the weapons and vehicles he creates to get him out of trouble. Inclination - At this point, he trusts no one further than he can throw them. Fighting Style - Not very skilled in melee. Close and mid range are his specialties. Temperament - Very calculating.

Description - 6' 3", 148 pounds, lean build. He has been mutated/engineered to be an anthro wolf, and cannot change from that appearance. So, he has the tail, ears, fur, face, and nose of a black wolf. However, he stands upright, speaks clearly (albeit with a bit of a Russian accent), wears normal clothing adjusted to fit him, and has the same dexterity as a human would, if not more. His diet is obviously more carnivorous than that of a "normal" person. Isn't allowed to carry weapons normally.