The Network is the result of advanced manipulation of Culmination. It is the same concept as a network between computers, except it is capable of transferring energy and physical objects. Through this method, the Legion is capable of extreme feats of logistics. A gun equipped to interact with the network could recieve materials from it, creating the effect of virtually infinate ammunition when the weapon is within range of the network. The transfer of energy can also be used to power devices which would normally be incapable of operating due to energy costs. All of these resources have to come from somewhere, however. While resources can be transmitted anywhere within the network, a majority of resources are produced on the Coreworld.

The Creation of The NetworkEdit

After the crusades of the first five hundred years the Legion had finally settled down and the First Great Peace occured. It was during this time that Athen experimented with Culmination and devised the code for converting and transmitting resources. After managing to achieve an incredible efficency, he took his idea to The Watchmaker, who intigrated it within The Generator. As the First Great Peace was ending, the Network was pushed into large scale use in the first large scale wars against The Extemos. Ever since it has been a staple within the core worlds of the Legion, with increasing attempts to extend its reach even farther.

The Logistics of The NetworkEdit

Network addresses are used, usually following the format Every device the Legion produces is identified with a such a number, which is used as both certification and way to find the device in the Network.