The Watchmaker

The Watchmaker is one of the few remianing Demigods, the others having ascended or been killed off. He has an incerdible mastery over the mechanical and the transfer of energy, with a forsight that verges on predicting the future. He freely manipulates mechanical parts and constructions, crafting incredibly complex devices on a whim. The father of the Clockwork and the designer of The Generator, the founding of the Legion would not have been possible without his aid.

Brief HistoryEdit

The Watchmaker was once one of the gods at the start of the universe. He grew tired of the fighting that occured at that level, however, and sought to put and end to the atrocities committed by the gods. He shed his immortal form and assumed the mortal coil, maintaining a significant portion of his powers and gaining the ability to use Culmination, which he would learn from Athen later. He began working on a way to create life via a mechanical mean, and began experimenting with what he would later classify as the Alpha Project.

The Extemos destroyed all of his work shortly after their creation, including his wife who little is know about. He fled to our galaxy and took the blueprints from the Alpha Series project and reworking them, crafting the last race to be created by a god, the Clockwork. He then set them to fabricate a series of shield generators that would defend the galaxy he now called home. To his dismay however, the Clockwork did not act fast enough and were not able to construct a sufficient number generators in time. Extemos pierced the outer layer of the galaxy and the Watchmaker could only stand by and observe as entire solar systems were swallowed in instants. It was only upon his discovery of Athen that he began to have hope for survival.

Notable Achievements (Chronologically)Edit